Masculinity Protector (2017) GitHub link Satirical web app created to "protect" men when they listen to music that's often considered "femenine".

This project wants to instigate a reflection about hegemonic masculinity (it's really fragile) and raising the question whether there's adeccuate gender-based content (there's not).

Worker Bees (2016) GitHub link Sketch created for the "Nature of Code" Kadenze course. It incorporates flock behavior, genetic coding and optimization functions.

Camera Visual Effects (2015) GitHub link Live Camera Visual Effects made in Processing 3.0 and controlled by PureData.

Wireless bijective fx (2013) GitHub link Software based bijective multiple effects processor and hardware based wireless controller.

[2013] In collaboration with Aarón Montoya-Moraga for the course "Interactive Arts Workshop" (Professors Rodrigo Cádiz, Patricio de la Cuadra).

We made a software+hardware piece that enabled us to play an instrument each while affecting each other's sound. The data and audio processing for the two instruments was made in PureData. We programmed a looper, booster, echo and reverb for each instrument. Meanwhile, the controllers were Arduino-based, using XBee modules for wireless connectivity.


Machismo en política (2017) Guión y edición de video para OCAC Chile.

Dos años del proyecto de Ley (2017) Guión y edición de video para OCAC Chile.


Barranco (2014) Multi instrumentalist (keyboards, synths, melodica and more) for the late band Barranco.

Group members: Guillermo Montecinos (guitar, voice); Sebastián Santelices (lead guitar, backing vocals); Aarón Montoya-Moraga (bass); Javier Bermudez (drums, backing vocals); Nicolás Peña (keyboards, synths).